What do they say about Edicy?

With Edicy, we want to give you a tool so simple that it stays out of your way - so you can focus on creating great content.


"Still, we created this page in about 15 minutes, making Edicy one of the fastest tools we've worked with."


"The multilingualism, however, can be used for any language in the world."


"Innovative young companies have been at the forefront of the Estonian revival thanks to successful startups like the web-designer Edicy, online money transfer service Transferwise and point-of-sale software developer Erply."


"I was really impressed with Edicy and its feature set."

Site Builder Report

"An elegant, easy to use website builder that nails the fundamentals. Perfect for multi-lingual websites."

Web Creator Box

"Fully functional, completely customizable and affordable tool for creating a website on your own in minutes. No tech skills needed."

Viivi, Finland, artiga.info

"I must congratulate your company for exceptionally professional way of handling clients!"

Herman, South Africa, elephantslate.com

"Everything is working like a clockwork!"

Prof. Derval, Netherlands, derval-research.com

"Our website looks so much nicer with Edicy. What a great platform!"

Thomas, Belgium, happymonday.eu

"Big up for excellent support team!"

Carlos, Hungary, afbudapest.com

"Astonished, wonderful. Extremly motivated to use all the features for creating a modern and personal webpage."

Villie, Hong Kong, villietsang.com

"User-friendly, well designed.  All-rounded resource any designer could ever ask for with helpful support team!"

Oliver, Ireland, acergm.com

"Using Edicy is an absolute pleasure!"

Diana, Estonia, www.9elu.ee

"Creating a website for a small business is made so simple by Edicy."