We meet your unique needs

There are thousands of different uses for Edicy. 

Find yours today - here are just a few possibilities.

Company website

Design, build and host your company’s website. Edicy handles the backend and SEO, and you have 24/7 control. (You can even import your existing site.)


Got stuff to sell? Create a professional site that your customers will trust – integrating your shopping cart is a snip.

Wedding site

Love is in the air, but organization happens online. Creating a web hub to plan your big day is easy with Edicy.

Artist portfolio

Use Edicy to upload, organize and sell your work, create galleries and stay in touch with your fans.

Photo Gallery

Say goodbye to third-party services, resizing nightmares and alignment disasters. Say hello to elegant, drag-and-drop photo publishing.

Product catalogue

Edicy is a lean, mean, greased-up product management machine. Make your content filterable, flexible and multi-purpose.

Personal Blog

Got a message for the world? Publish a personal blog – with images, text and video - in minutes, on your own domain.

A gift to a friend

Why not make your friend a special birthday gift this time and present her a website that you've built on your own for her to blog?