Share your photos with our brand new gallery tool Galleries

Happy New Year!

We thought you'd be pleased to learn we've added galleries to Edicy.

Now you can easily add photos of your products, pictures of your team or shots of your Christmas trip to your website.

Change your website address

Change your website address

You probably already know you can easily change your website address from to With Edicy Pro you can add a "proper" address such as

It costs as little as €6 per month. And there's a 30% discount available if you sign up before the 15th of January.

Upgrade now!

More designs, more customisation

Design color variations

We've added color variations for each of the available design templates. If you like how your site looks but are not sure about the colour—just switch. Naturally we've added a few brand new designs, too.

We hope you'll like these additions and we'll keep working on new ones.

Take a design tour

Talk soon,
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