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€6 ($8) / mo.
€72 ($96) billed annually or €8 ($11) monthly.
2 GB of storage
3 users
30 pages, 3 languages
Custom domain
Custom design
1 password protected page

€10 ($13) / mo.
€120 ($156) billed annually or €14 ($18) monthly.
10 GB of storage
Unlimited users
Unlimited pages, languages
Custom domain – for free*
Custom design
Unlimited password protected pages
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We also have a FREE plan for Edicy users — 1 user, 5 pages. 2 languages and limited statistics, limited design themes, address only.

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      • .com, .net, .org, .info (€12)
    • .in, .it (€15)
    •,, .pt(€24)

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* Free domain in case of  yearly plan.
** You'll get reduced fare to one product at the time when purchasing with Edicy discount coupons. 
*** VAT will be added to the prices.

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