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Edicy is suitable for everyone – whether it's a small business, big multinational enterprise, NGO or even a state agency. Once an organisation has found Edicy to fit its needs, it's not that rare that one goes for more than one website. And this is exactly what Leinonen Group did. 

Today, Leinonen has 12 websites running on Edicy. To find out how did they find and what made them to choose Edicy, we contacted Leinonen Marketing Manager Mika Pyhamaki.

Leinonen group – Obviously Finnish brand. Yet what it is that your company does?

Yes, we are a fully family owned Finnish company. We provide professional accounting and business advisory services in the Baltic states, Nordic Countries, Russia, and Central Europe. We help companies enter and succeed in new international markets. 

Outsourcing accounting and financial management allows companies to better concentrate on their core business. 

The Leinonen Group Headquarters is in Tallinn, Estonia, and our presence in the Baltics is strong after operating here for over 20 years. 

Reason you started to look for a new website?

Our main target group are international companies that operate in our service region. Digital marketing is the most effective way to reach prospects across the borders. Website is often the first contact point for our company, and thus in the core of our digital communications. We simply wanted to make sure it is fresh and up-to-date. 

We also wanted to move closer to our markets and give freedom for individual offices to manage their marketing and communications. Instead of one website translated to many languages, we wanted to have a new Group level website and several country level websites. 

What where the key requirements towards designers while starting off with the development of your new site?

Well, we wanted to work with a professional service provider who can deliver a credible and fresh solution and is easy to communicate with. Designers' previous works always reveal the capabilities and unique style. 

We wanted the website builder (or — content management system or CMS for short) to be as easy to use as possible. In addition it needed to cover all the technical requirements related to different content formats, mobile usage, and SEO.

Where there any hesitations when your design bureau Fraktal offered Edicy as a CMS for your new site - relatively unknown tool next to giants like WordPress, Joomla, Squerspace etc.

After scanning 6-7 service providers and the most common CMS systems from Estonia and Finland, it just became clear that Fraktal and Edicy provided the best solution for us. 

We thought that the big content management systems are too big and complicated to use. We would rather concentrate on good content than technical work. 

Tajo Oja (Fraktal) made the web design for us, and Rait Parts (Edicy) trained us to use it. Thanks to them everything looks cool and works very well now! We took Edicy in to use in Autumn 2012 and launched the new website in February 2013. 

What where the first impressions while being introduced to your new site and tool to manage it all? Most difficult and the most joyful moments? 

Already the first design from Fraktal was impressive. All Leinonen management was surprised by the change. 

However, the most difficult part was creating the structure for the sites and to create all the content needed. This was an internal job and took a lot of time. 

My personal highlight was the moment when all the 12 webpages were finally up and running with the new content. It was like washing the company's face with a super soap. 

Your company has branches all over Europe. Meaning that your clients and team speak over 10 different languages. Does Edicy cope with that? 

No problems. All the relevant languages are available. Each of our country decides about their languages and translating the page structure is easy in Edicy. 

You have lived with your new site and Edicy for more than a year now. What are your comments? Willing to recommend it to others? 

I am very satisfied with the results and cooperation. The price quality ratio is excellent in Edicy. 

I would recommend Edicy especially for small and medium sized companies and corporations. 

Edicy allows multiple users. It is easy and fun to use. Also, the Edicy team seems committed, helpful and technically capable to find solutions to customer needs.

Face it – whatever business you’re in, having a home page is inevitable. Having a good home page, however, can be a nightmare if you don’t know what to do. GLOG home designs and sells house-building plans for non-builders - house plans so easy to understand, anyone can use them. An article published in USA described our services as “making home-building about as easy as putting together an IKEA bed frame”. 

GLOG home webpage

As our plans do not require specialized printers or programs, we sell our products via our homepage. All you need is a PayPal account to pay for the plans and a printer to print out the downloaded documents. That’s it!  After getting the plans, you can start building your own home. 
But for all of this to work properly, you can’t get pass a decent home page. Your product or service can be the best there is, but if your homepage is not easy to navigate, doesn’t look good or has some other fundamental flaws (in short: your homepage stinks), you can forget about any kind of business. 

The reason we turned to Edicy is quite simple: they know, what they are doing. Obviously, you could always hire someone to manage your home page for you, but then again – how often do you actually need to modify your homepage? Once a week at best? Outsourcing is also an option, but seeing as different company’s like to charge the service to the max, that was out of the question for us. 

Building the homepage from scratch was also not an option - we have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, but not nearly enough to build a new website.
Edicy, if I may, has done most of the dirty work for you, so all the coding, design, and structure is up there for the taking. And you need not worry – in my opinion, it is all top of the line and your only concern is creating content and adding photos. In addition, as Edicy offers several templates to choose from, the variety of choices is more than enough.  

The most important thing for us is that once the site is up and running, the management of it is remarkably easy. Adding photos or changing content can be done with only a few clicks. So in short, Edicy has given us a way to focus on our products and sales, not on our website management.

George Zhordania works at GLOG home, a customer of Edicy.

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