Good bye, Edicy!

Edicy has come to an end and this is great news for everybody. No more old designs and out-of-date tools — welcome updated and powerful,  a successor, Voog. Actually, Voog has been around since July 2014, so you can rest assured knowing that you now join hundreds of thousands other happy users.

If you were using Edicy until recently, this is a great chance for you to upgrade your website design for free and experience the essence of drag-and-drop based website building.

In case you were using the Edicy Free platform, you can now upgrade to any Voog paid plan with a special discount. You have until 1st of September to activate your subscription.

What is Voog?

It's a tool for creatives to build beautiful, design-driven websites for themselves and their customers. Voog is user centric — it's light-weight, simple to use and takes care of all the tech side so that both the end-user and the agency are free of setup, configuration, updating, security, scalability and hosting issues.

To give you a bit of a backstory — we've been both building websites, branding companies and developing online publishing tools for the past decade and a half. Voog is the quintessence of our experience.

What sets Voog apart from competition?

First — it's the best tool out there for creating multilingual websites. In Europe you just can't get around the languages, every website serves a market with at least 2-3 spoken languages.

Secondly, Voog is exceptionally powerful behind the curtains. Developers building customer websites on Voog enjoy access to full API, open templating, desktop toolkit, database tools.

Thirdly, our drag-and-drop based store feature is one of a kind. Voog store platform stands out of the crowd by a few significant characteristics:

Easy to start. You can start selling your products — or receiving donations or whatever your e-commerce goal is — after just a few minutes of setup. Or you can dive deep and build a nuanced store with thousands of items on sale.

Payment processing. Voog can be integrated with a variety of payment methods and providers. PayPal, credit card processors, online banking. As a bonus we support offline payments too.

Global shipping. Set up shipping by offering differently priced delivery methods (e.g. expedited vs standard) and differently priced regions. Or if you want, just sell locally. Or sell digital goods with no shipping at all.

Full order management. Send automatic invoices / payment receipts to buyers. Get notification for each sale. List orders sorted by payment and fulfilment status.

In conclusion

These are just few examples of the many possibilities that you can create with Voog. Therefore, we hope that you will use it to its full capabilites and enjoy the experience while you're at it!

We are open to your ideas and questions if you have any — just email us at

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