Last week Edicy got a speed boost, this week we are being seedboosted. Confusing? It really isn't. Edicy has been included into a freshly started international business incubator by Arengufond - Estonian Development fund, which is basically a state-owned investment fund. 
What does it mean? According to the guys at Arengufond they "offer support through guidance and action, but unlike traditional technology and entrepreneurship incubators will provide neither rental space nor technical support services. SeedBooster will house a company up to a period of one year in the course of which all forces will be joined to develop the project further until it is mature for investment."

We at Edicy are certainly excited to get this opportunity and hopefully the boost in the form of guidance and action will be of use to us.

We've been selected into Seedbooster with two other companies: an analytic tool for gauging software writing, Programeter and  a developer of a wireless sensor network for the security and energy sector Seedbooster logoand border protection, Smartdust Solution. Both of them are clearly very capable start-ups, as evidenced by the decision they've made when choosing their website operator - both run on Edicy.

Lastly: if my picture or name seems new to you it's because it is. I've been working for Edicy for two weeks now as the new marketing/sales/PR guy. If you want to get in touch with me - and nothing would make me happier - you can write me at or reach me via the username kajarkase on either Skype or Twitter.

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  • edvard May 18

    Looking very fresh! Love the logo. Best of luck to Edicy Team and everybody involved. Word up.

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