By now, most of us should know how responsive design is great for browsing the web on mobile devices. In short, responsive design adapts its layout according to the device you view it with. And, by contrast to general knowledge that responsive designs just scale down to smaller screens, it can be the other way around — responsive design can take the advantage of huge screens as well.

Some time ago we optimised all our stock-designs for mobile screens. We made them to be responsive by design. This way all your site visitors see your site content in a way that fits best to their screens.

But mobile browsers and other small screens aren't the only ones who leverage this feature. For example, by fiddling around on my Mac, i found out several usages of displaying website differently on viewports with different sizes.

First i noticed how it is possible to preview a web link in e-mail message. In preview window, website is fitted into small window but it is still readable thanks to responsive design. Here's how our support site is being shown in preview:

Edicy responsive design

Notice how the contents are laid out differently when viewing it in browser in full-screen window. The support topics have been moved from the left to the top of the page for better accessibility.

Web sites can be also seen with Quick Look, another nifty feature of OS X. Together with website authors, it also does it's best in order to make the website readable:
Create responsive sites with Edicy
And just to wrap up, here's how website with non-responsive design is rendered in Quick Look when i tried to preview it from Spotlight:

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