Edicy is a tool that fits perfectly for a variety of different organisations. Different not only in size but also in the area of business. Due to its user-friendly interface Edicy has been chosen to be the web engine for both private enterprises, public sector entities and NGOs to build their websites.

Vertical Booking tool embedded in EdicyFlexibility of Edicy can be felt not only by its ease of use. It allows you to integrate a number of external web services with your website. For example, Windsorhotel from Merano, Italy has integrated an online hotel booking system from Vertical Booking into their Edicy website. Another example — an Estonian Spa, Meresuu has chosen EasyAccess from Citybreak as their similar needs.

For a smaller cabin house or kayak tour organiser it's wiser to use Edicy internal form builder though. Combine it with Google Calendar and you can show vacancies or planned tours while taking direct bookings from costumers like Foodsightseeing has done.

Most of such external tools (Google Calendar, Google Maps, Ecwid) as well as social plugins (Facebook, Tripadvisor) can be easily included alongside the textual content on your site using the html edit tool on Edicy toolbar.

Edicy toolboxAll you need to do is open html edit view from the toolbar and paste the code there which the online tool or service has provided you.

Edicy is therefore not just a toolkit on its own, but rather a platform to communicate with your friends and customers throughout the whole internet. 

Most importantly, your website needs to be constantly updated and developed further along with the lifeline of your business. If you need any help along the way, eg if your design theme feels too restrictive, just contact our user friendly support or hire a design agency to get a proper tailor made website on Edicy. 

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