When we started to develop Edicy back in 2008, there was one specific thing about our team. We are all native speakers of a rare language, Estonian. There are less than 1 million people using it daily. Therefore we've had foreign languages in our blood for centuries. These days we build multilingual software here and routinely have our websites translated into more than a single language.

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That's why Edicy is a great tool for creating multilingual websites — sites with content in multiple languages. Here are the main components of Edicy's language capacity:

1. Simple built-in translation management. You can add new languages and translate pages on the fly. It's easy to keep translations parallel, so that by changing language on any subpage, visitor is taken to its translation not back to the front page. 

2. Visitor language detection. Edicy automatically redirects every visitor to her preferred language based on his geo location or browser settings. Edicy will memorizes her choice if she chooses another language.
All your site editors can manage it in their own languages.

Edicy uses human readable web addresses for translated pages, instead of pushing language code in the end of cryptic number combinations. It's the only wise choice for SEO (search engine optimization).

4. Designs with language menus in place. When you only have a single language, visitors don't see the language menu. It appears itself with adding the first translation.

There are a couple of things we still have to add to make SEO better and quick translation possible. Your ideas would be helpful too.

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  • Dave Jul 20

    Hello there! To efficiently translate a website into multiple languages, you can use a software localization management platform like https://poeditor.com/. This localization tool has a flexible and user-friendly interface, many useful features such as translation memory, GitHub integration, API, plus the option to crowdsource the translation of your strings. Give it a try and see how it functions. Cheers!

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