You'll love building websites with Edicy

Edicy is a super simple, fully functional, completely customizable and affordable tool
for creating a website on your own in minutes. No tech skills needed.

Edit pictures, compile galleries

Images? Easy.

We think Edicy has the world’s most elegant image interface. Take a bunch of pictures (don’t worry about file size and type). Drag and drop them from your desktop, then manage them right on the page you’re editing. Scale, crop, rotate, create galleries – it’s simple and quick, and Edicy looks after all the tedious details so you can focus on your design.

Build feedback forms

It only takes a couple of minutes to create forms, surveys, email fields and loads of other “write your stuff here”-type boxes. You can get the data via email or review it online. If you get your kicks from Excel (and who doesn’t?) you can even export it as a CSV file.

Translate it to other languages

Speak your visitor’s language

Edicy can serve your webpages in each visitor’s preferred language - without them even asking. You need to do the translating yourself (but hey, check out Google Translate) but once you’ve created your translated pages they all sit in the same site structure, so visitors can jump from any subpage direct to its translated version.

Share password protected content

Edicy is not just a simple tool to throw things out to the internet. With this feature you can hide any page on your website behind password and choose the people who can see it. Make a sort of mini-intranet, blog or bulletin board for your team. Share price lists to a restricted audience or unfinished new webiste sections with advisors. 

Professional designs

Edicy: it’s about looking hot

Edicy offers a wide selection of site designs with professional looks and excellent usability. Made by some of the best designers in the industry, these themes will let your content shine.

Design through content

We like sleek, subtle design. Why? Because your content is the main deal – and the point of the design is to make that content as attractive, usable and easy-to-navigate as possible. 

More tools for designers

We've been working on a tool that’ll make's it possible to customize designs without a ton of techie know-how. If you’re a web designer, check out how you can deeply customize Edicy.

Drag & drop interface

Editing is easy. Really easy.

With Edicy everything happens live on the page. You can add text, pictures, videos, tables, maps, and widgets. You can't ask for much more!

Just drag and drop

Edicy lets you drag and drop virtually anything: chunks of text, forms, photos, galleries… you name it!

Resize, crop pictures on the go

You can scale, crop and rotate images and create galleries to make the best use of your images without having to spend hours preparing them for upload. Again, it’s as simple as drag and drop.

Latest visits neatly visualized


Everyone loves stats. All Edicy users have access to a simple dashboard that summarizes visits on a graph and geographically. Sign up for the Pro package and you get other insights, too – including at-a-glance Google PageRank and Alexa traffic rank data.

Make friends with Google

Are you planning world domination via Google? Edicy offers easy integration with Analytics and Webmaster Tools. You can customize tags and keywords, and all our themes are designed in nice, clean code that is just great for SEO.

Edit pictures, compile galleries

Publish in minutes - on your own domain

Edicy Pro users can publish their sites to any domain name. It can be international (eg., .net) or local (.de, .fr, .jp etc). If you’re a free user you have to use an subdomain.

Import or buy domains

Domain management is completely automatic – you don’t have to use an outside registrar or webhost. If you have an existing domain, then importing it takes a couple more steps, but it’s still pretty simple. If you get stuck, we’ll be more than happy to help.

If you subscribe for one year or more in advance, you'll also get your domain name for free.

Customize design

Design your world

Edicy has an open design API and templating language - and if you’re a subscribed user you can import a custom design (or Wordpress theme) into it. Plenty of agencies are already using Edicy as a flexible, powerful platform for their clients’ sites – why not join them?

Integrate with other systems

Edicy is pretty amazing, but it can’t do everything. We’ve made it easy to integrate third party tech, though – so if you’re a designer or developer you can embed any external system which provides data in open formats (like JSON, for example).

Design editor

Go dynamic: databases and catalogues

Most websites can get by with mostly static content – text, images, maybe a couple of forms, wrapped up in a cool design. But if you want to create a dynamic site, maybe incorporating databases and product catalogues, Edicy makes the integration as simple as possible. 

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