edicy.coFor years we've been setting new websites up on temporary addresses like 287717.edicypages.com. You could change that into anything — eg. yourname.fr or yourname.edicypages.com.

Starting today, temporary numbers are gone from Edicy. You can pick a nice and short personal domain name right on signup: yourname.edicy.co.

You can change your old edicypages.com into edicy.co right away. Don't have an account yet? Sign up to Edicy and get your edicy.co now.

Originally .co was actually Colombian national domain name ending (by the book it still is). By 2005 or so, all the short, meaningful .com names were taken. Not long afterwards .co was recognized as a potential alternative and made available for the global audience. It quickly transformed into a hugely popular "new .com" and adopted by hordes of internet companies and small businesses.

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  • alex Jan 04

    .com is better than .co

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