We launched the new Edicy today. It greets you with fresh design and thoroughly worked through user experience. Take a look around yourself.

Introducing the new Edicy

The most important changes that you need to know:

★  You can always return to page editing from main menu
★  Page properties can be found under Settings tab
★  Settings view is divided into easy-to-reach sections
★  Text editor toolbar stays now on screen without jumping

Additional fine-tuning and bug squashing will happen based on user feedback post launch. Please jump to our Facebook page and tell us what you think, what you would improve. Thanks!

Happy holidays to you!

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  • Andrus Dec 16

    It nice!

    Seems like a very good design as well as execution job. I liked the copy side of things as well, should do a good job for new users. Well done, and keep it up!

  • Tõnu Dec 16

    Thanks! Actually it was the first time ever we had time to get into the details with Edicy design and copy.

  • Thomas Feb 10

    "Design Builder" page, in the admin of Edicy, is fabulous design !
    Great job, inspiring...

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  • gjTEIiZPkUxrdLD Feb 16


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